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Why has my postal item been delivered to wrong address?

Postal items may be delivered to wrong addresses due to several reasons:
Maybe you have moved to another address or your company’s address has changed? We suggest you ordering mail redirection service.

Does Lithuania Post provide mail redirection service?

Lithuania Post provides mail redirection service. At any post office the customer may file a written request (no special form is set) to redirect his/her item, change or make corrections to the address if the item has not been delivered yet. The request should contain the following information: addressee’s address, item’s barcode and the new addressee’s address to which the item should be redirected. When submitting the request, the customer must present a valid ID.

Why is my postal item damaged?

Postal items may be damaged due to improper packing materials used or improper packing.

Was your postal item addressed correctly?

Before posting postal item, check carefully the indicated addressee’s address. If address information is not accurate, the postal item may be delivered to a wrong address. More information about correct addressing can be found here.
For your future mailings, please check whether the sender:

My postal item is late

Postmen deliver postal items 6 days per week usually from 8:00 until 16:00. Delivery time mainly depends on the addressee’s address - whether it is at the end or beginning of the postman’s route. However, it sometimes happens that postal items are delivered with delay or are lost.
In case a registered or insured postal item sent or awaited by you has been lost or is late, please advise us of this by given telephone numbers.
However, before calling us, please read the questions and answers below. Maybe you will find the answer there.

How postcodes should be searched with the postcode finder?

A correct postcode consisting of 5 digits is one of key address elements enabling fast and safe delivery of postal items.
A 5-digit postcode can be found at our company’s website using the postcode finder or with the help of postcodes directories available at any post office.
When using the postcode finder, all fields should be filled in carefully. To ensure proper search, we recommend entering the street name without the Lithuanian ending, e.g. Viln instead of Vilnius or Vilniaus.

What are working hours of post offices?

Working hours of post offices can be found here.

Where can I use the services of Lithuania Post?

Ordinary postal items (letters) can be posted at any post office or through public letter-boxes. All public letter-boxes must clearly show collection time. For additional guarantee, e.g. registration, postal items must be submitted to a post office. Contact details of post offices are available here.


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