Q&A about international items


What should be done in case I do not have documents needed by the customs as the item received is a gift and I cannot complete the form as the system requires attaching documents?

Should you do not have any documents, the customs can be submitted a document of any form explaining the situation. The document containing a detailed explanation is to be sent by e-mail to

What is important to know when sending items to China?

Considering customs clearance procedures set by the Customs of the People's Republicof China, the China Post recommends following the below described requirements:

What actions are taken by AB Lietuvos paštas in cases when the customs declarations CN22/CN23 enclosed to the item do not contain all mandatory information, or the declaration is not completed properly, or the declaration has not been provided at all?

When the customs declarations CN 22/CN 23 completed by the sender do not show all mandatory data, or the declaration has not been submitted at all, Lithuania Post, with participation of a customs official, is entitled to open the postal item / conduct the item‘s inspection and complete a new customs declaration CN 23.

What are the cases when the forms CN 22 or CN 23 must be completed?

The customs declarations CN 22 or CN 23 must be filled in when sending items to third countries. It is not a must when sending items to European countries. The CN 22 form is used when declaring letter-post items with small objects and bags M. The CN 23 form is to be completed when sending postal parcels.

My item has been detained by the customs in destination country. What should I do?

When the item is detained, missing documents upon request of the destination country’s customs officials must be submitted by the addressee. If the recipient does not address you personally with a request to provide missing documents for submission to the local customs, you do not need to submit any documents to neither party.

Several items sent to me have been held by Customs. I do not know which item contains a particular good. What should I do?

In such cases we recommend to contact the sender and find out which good has been put into a particular item based on the posting date. For registered items, a barcode can help identifying a postal item with a particular good. Based on the barcode, the sender can trace what particular good has been sent.

I am going to receive several postal items. From the number given in the Post’s notice, I do not know which item has been held by the Customs.

Lithuania Post and the Customs avoid opening postal items without necessity. Firstly, we recommend sending postal items by registered mail. Registered postal items have tracking numbers enabling you to track and trace your postal items. Accordingly, after posting the order, the sender should inform you what number has been assigned to your postal item and what goods and invoice pertain to it. It is recommended to have all these documents sent by e-mail as a pdf. file.

Who may be contacted if I do not agree with the import taxes calculated?

When the item has been collected and payable taxes already paid, you should address the Tariffs and Customs Assessment Control Division of Vilnius Territorial Customs Office and submit a request to recalculate taxes and duties. The request should be accompanied by the copies of all documents related to the received postal item. For more detailed information please visit the website of the Customs at

How long does it take to present documents to the Customs and calculate duties and taxes?

The time required for the submission of documents and calculation of duties and taxes mostly depends on the information submitted to the declarants. Therefore, before submitting the documents to the declarant, please make sure that all required documents are included and all requested information is clear and understandable.

What will happen in case I fail to submit the requested documents?

In case the addressee does not agree to submit the documents grounding the price of goods or does not give his/her consent to the Customs to make calculations according to comparative values, the postal item is returned to the sender.


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