How can documents be submitted to customs declarants?

Documents may be presented by:

  • Filling in a special form available at the website of Lithuania Post at This is the fastest and the most convenient way to submit documents. All you need is to enter your item’s barcode number and click on item declaration reference to open and complete all mandatory fields in a special form. Documents submitted through the system are handled with priority. If submitted before 18:00, they will be examined (calculated taxes or additional information requested) until 14:30 of the next day. The addressee of the item will be informed (by sending a message to an indicated e-mail address) about changes in the item’ status.
  • Sending an e-mail to the address in case of ordinary postal parcels (all parcels are registered), and in case of international express postal parcels.
  • Fax (8 5) 210 4838.
  • Ordinary mail sending the documents to the address AB Lietuvos pašto skirstymo departmentui, Rodūnės kelias 9, 02034 Vilnius. Please choose this option only in the absence of a possibility to use any other mean given above.

NOTE: Please submit your documents only once choosing one possible option.