How do properly made-up postal items look like?

Before mailing a postal item, take care of its safety. More information on packing of goods is available here. When sending expensive goods, we recommend sealing postal items with a transparent packing tape. It is suggested to put accompanying documents into a polythene transparent envelope and affix it to the outside of the postal item. The documents may be put inside the postal item; in such a case, write down on the wrapping of the postal item that the documents are inside. If the postal item is being sent to a member country of the European Union, you should write the addresses of the addressee (postcode is mandatory) and sender (postcode must be indicated as well). In case the postal item is being sent to a third country (not EU member country), in addition to the addressee’s and sender’s addresses, you must fill in the customs declaration CN 22 or CN 23. The forms of these declarations are available at any post office. When you bring your postal items for mailing, ask the customer service specialist of the post office to present you this customs declaration. Fill it in following these instructions. Affix the completed customs declaration to the postal item.