I am going to receive several postal items. From the number given in the Post’s notice, I do not know which item has been held by the Customs.

Lithuania Post and the Customs avoid opening postal items without necessity. Firstly, we recommend sending postal items by registered mail. Registered postal items have tracking numbers enabling you to track and trace your postal items. Accordingly, after posting the order, the sender should inform you what number has been assigned to your postal item and what goods and invoice pertain to it. It is recommended to have all these documents sent by e-mail as a pdf. file.
Customs clearance procedures would be handled faster if the item’s number would be included into the good’s purchase documents, and each item would be issued a separate purchase document.
The majority of arising misunderstandings are related with non-registered postal items. They do not have identification numbers, which are assigned to registered items. If you do not know which postal item is held at Lithuania Post, you should present those documents, which, in your opinion, belong to that particular postal item. On the basis of information about the sender, weight, and other data, the declarant will identify necessary documents and present them to the Customs.