Should I present the documents once again if they are enclosed in the postal item?

If you have received a notice from Lithuania Post, it means that there are no documents inside the postal item or the documents do not contain all necessary information. Therefore, we kindly request the customers who have received the notice from Lithuania Post to check whether all information listed in the notice is contained the documents (otherwise we suggest contacting the seller with a request to send you documents with full information). After you are certain that all information is correct, please send the documents to the e-mail address given in the notice or using a special electronic form, which can be found at the company’s website The electronic declaration form can be found after opening a window for search of international items and entering the barcode of your item. Postal items accompanied by all accurate documents grounding the purchase of goods are handled much faster - declarants may start straight with the preparation of documents and submit postal items for customs clearance. Therefore, such postal items are delivered to addressees faster as no time is wasted for sending the notice the addressee and waiting for information from his/her side.
We highly recommend asking the sender to use appropriate packing materials that would protect the postal item containing your goods in the course of transportation (to prevent damage to goods during reloading in transit points) and to enclose all correctly completed documents before posting the postal item. If the documents are put inside the postal item (box/envelope), i. e. they are not put into a transparent envelope, which is affixed to the outside of the postal item, we suggest writing by hand “Documents inside” straight on the wrapping. Aiming to avoid misunderstandings with regard to missing contents or damage to packing or goods (this is to be settled by the seller and buyer), Lithuania Post avoids opening postal items. When opening postal items (in case of necessity), the Customs staff is always present. After inspection, such postal items are marked with the Customs seal.