What data must be provided to the staff of Lithuania Post for successful declaration?

In order to estimate the customs value of imported goods, purchase and transportation (shipping) documents must be presented. Therefore, when ordering goods via the Internet from an on-line shop, ask the seller to enclose the documents grounding the purchase of goods (invoice, pro-forma invoice and the like) and to state in English the amount of shipping expenses (usually this sum is included into the invoice). In the absence of documents necessary for customs clearance, it is impossible to calculate taxes and duties; therefore, such postal items cannot be delivered to addressees. The PayPal invoice may be presented to the Customs only when it contains all necessary data: full names of the addressee and sender, names of goods, value, and transportation (shipping) expenses; also, a copy of transaction document (bank statement) generated by e-banking systems should be enclosed. If you are going to receive goods used for specific purposes, when presenting required documents, please indicate the title of the good in the Lithuanian language and give a brief description what it will be used for (the easiest way to do this is to enclose product specification (description), which can be found at the website of the Internet shop or manufacturer).
When goods and other articles are sent by AB Lietuvos paštas, the customers can collect their items and pay import taxes at the post office indicated in the notice of Lithuania Post (informing about the arrival of your postal item).