What is particular about postal items sent to and received from other countries?

Postal items sent to other countries are handled by several post offices; therefore, the sender may face more problems related to mail delivery.

Important to know:

  • Final delivery and handing in of postal items in foreign countries is performed by postal operators of destination countries.
  • Postal items may be held by customs therefore:
    • Before posting your item to another country, make sure that all documents required by Customs are completed (examples of customs declarations CN 22 and CN 23 are available here).
    • Before posting a letter or postal parcel, make sure that no prohibited articles are inserted in the item (the list of prohibited articles is available here).

When awaiting for a postal item from another country, it is worth knowing that:

  • Postal operators in origin countries organise and carry out mailing and transfer of postal items to Lithuania Post; therefore, the item’s routing, time in transit and etc. does not depend on Lithuania Post.
  • If you have the item’s number, you can check its status, i.e. transit time and place. Postal items can be tracked and traced here.
  • You can track the status of your item at our website If you are awaiting for a postal item sent from a third country (not a member country of EU), it might need to undergo customs procedures. If the item tracking systems shows that your item has been held by Customs and additional information is needed, you may submit the required data online.
  • In accordance with customs legislation customs duties or other fees may be imposed on goods contained in postal items imported from the third countries. Please note that online stores (e.g. eBay, Amazon) or their agents (e.g. U. S. Shipping Center) do not pay taxes for goods purchased at those stores and imported as postal items to the customs territory of the Republic of Lithuania.