What is “single administrative document”? When is it used and who prepares it?

When the value of an exported/imported item is EUR 1,000 or higher, export/import single administrative document, i.e. mandatory written customs declaration, must be completed. Upon the customer’s request, the import/export declaration can be completed by Lithuania Post, or the customer may choose another company providing customs intermediary services.
Export: When admitting from the customer an item with the value of EUR 1,000, the postal stall inquires the customer whether she/he has chosen an intermediary for respective customs procedures. If the customer chooses the services of Lithuania Post, the customer will be charged for the single administrative document.
Import: Lithuania Post’s declarants contact the customer to find out who will complete the import declaration. If Lithuania Post is chosen, when collecting the item the customer will provide the postal staff with all required documents and will pay all charges including the one for the single administrative document. When the import declaration is completed by other intermediaries chosen by the customer, they should take the documents related with the item at the address Rodūnios kelias 9, Vilnius and deliver them together with completed import declaration to the same address. Then Lithuania Post’s declarants will submit the documents and the declaration to the customs officials. After import procedures are completed, the item will be sent to the post office serving your address. When collecting the item, please present a valid ID.