Who is entitled to collect the postal item addressed to me?

Only the addressee whose name is given on the postal item can collect, after presenting his/her valid ID, the item from the post office.

The postal staff can give the postal item to another (authorized) person on condition that the person has a valid ID and proxy, or a valid ID and a ten-digit proxy identification code (should the proxy has been received online and registered with the Register of Proxies).

The following proxies are considered to be properly certified and shall be accepted:

The proxies issued in the Republic of Lithuania and certified with a notary public;

The proxies of the same power as the proxies certified with notary public have:

  • the proxy issued to a soldier: certified by the commander (head) of a military unit, military institution, or school;
  • the proxy issued to an imprisoned person: certified by the head of an imprisonment place;
  • the proxy issued to a person in a long voyage on a long-range ship under the flag of Lithuania: certified by the captain of the ship.

The proxies certified by the simplified procedure:

  • the proxy certified by the head of the educational institution the proxy holder (private person) attends;
  • the proxy certified by the chairperson of the association of flat owners the proxy holder’s house belongs to;
  • the proxy certified by the village elder running the territory the proxy holder lives in;
  • the proxy certified by the captain of a long-range ship in a long voyage.

The proxy must meet the requirements set in the legal acts.

Also, a person another than the actual addressee can collect items from a post office if the addressee (the person indicated on the postal item) has placed with the post office of his/her choice a request authorizing another person to collect his/her items. The request validity period must be given in the request submitted. The authorized person, when collecting postal items, must present his/her valid ID.

The request form is available here.