Items prohibited for mail

Sending the following items by mail is prohibited:

  • drugs and psychotropic substances
  • weapons, explosive, flammable, radioactive and other dangerous substances
  • items with insulting or indecent  inscriptions or images
  • items the entry and use of which in the country of destination is prohibited
  • live animals, other than bees, leeches, silkworms, pest and vermin control products sent in registered small packages to the officially recognised institutions
  • alcoholic beverages of more than 70% alcohol (e.g., "Žalgiris" liqueur)
  • alcoholic beverages in non-hermetically sealed bottles
  • all types of aerosols
  • other items prohibited by virtue of Resolutions of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania
  • coins, banknotes, cheques or any bearer securities, traveller’s cheques, processed or non-processed platinum, gold or silver, precious stones, jewellery and other valuable articles can be sent in insured postal items only

Sending alcoholic beverages of more than 24% alcohol by air mail is prohibited to all countries. Alcoholic beverages sent to Ireland are subject to customs duties.
Meat products must be hermetically sealed. Meat product quantities allowed to be sent by mail are limited (up to 5kg).
Sending tobacco products by mail is not recommended. These products are subject to rather high customs duties in the countries that do allow them.
Sending products in aerosol packaging by mail is prohibited.