Car leasing

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Are you going to purchase a car? You can find offers for car leasing service rendered by several companies at any PayPost outlet.

  • Loans up to EUR 20 thousand are granted.
  • The money is transferred on the same working day.*
  • The loan repayment period can be set for a period of up to 7 years.
Important to know:
  • The PayPost staff will provides all information related to conclusion of the car leasing contract and assesses the borrower’s ability to pay.
  • To receive the car leasing service, present your valid ID to the PayPost employee.
  • The amount borrowed will be transferred to bank account or paid in cash.
  • The car leasing service is provided at all PayPost outlets.
  • The PayPost outlets and post offices accept payments due on the grounds of car leasing contracts concluded between the customer and leasing provider.

* The last transfer at 4-5 p.m. (working days)