At post offices and PayPost outlets within ten or twenty minutes you can receive consumer credits granted by “General Financing”, “SB lizingas”, “Mokilizingas”, BIGBANK,,, Credit 24 or Citadele Bank.

  • Signing the credit agreement takes a few minutes.
  • Money is transferred at once after concluding the agreement.
  • We offer financial services of several companies, so you can compare them and choose the alternative that suits you best.
Important to know:
  • The employees of AB Lietuvos paštas and PayPost provide the customer with all information about concluding the consumer credit and perform assessment of the customer’s solvency.
  • Consumer credits are granted at all PayPost outlets and the majority of post offices.
  • AB Lietuvos paštas and PayPost outlets accept credit repayment amounts from the customer on the basis of the agreement signed between the customer and credit provider.

Sometimes it happens that a few days before my payday I’m short of money for some important purchase or unplanned expenses, so I hurry to the post office where I can quickly get a consumer credit. The post office is more than a place to send letters and items, because here you can handle your financial matters.

Vaidotas (35) from Tauragė