General Financing

At post offices or PayPost outlets, one may receive a consumer credit offered by the company “General Financing” within fifteen minutes. Money can be paid out in cash or transferred to the beneficiary’s bank account. The company can lend you the amount from 50 EUR up to 15 000 EUR to your bank account or up to 3000 EUR in cash.. You may choose a 7 years repayment period or postpone repayment of the first installment for 3 month.

Should you wish to repay the total amount of the credit earlier than set in the agreement, no additional charges will be applied.

All you need for receiving a consumer credit from “General Financing” is a valid ID – a passport or personal identification card of the Republic of Lithuania. It will take only several minutes for the postal employee to give an answer on possibility to grant you a consumer credit.

Please note that consumer credits may be granted to:

  • Persons receiving salary on the grounds of employment contract
  • Persons receiving regular benefits of "Sodra" (pensions, benefits, and etc.)
  • Pensioners of ministries (ones who receive pensions paid by ministries)
  • Civil servants (employees of ministries, municipalities, and etc.)