The service offered by Mokilizingas is a consumer credit you can get with no deposit and/or surety. Credits in the amount of EUR 50 – EUR 10000 are available. The money are transferred to the account of any Lithuanian bank or paid in cash.Credits in cash are available from 100 EUR up to 3000 EUR .

The length of the contract varies from 1 month up to 60 months if transferred to the bank account or up to 36 months if paid in cash. Nevertheless, you can repay the credit before the date due with no additional charges! If needed, you can defer the repayment for a term of one month. Payments on the credit can be made in a way convenient to you on the day chosen.

Consumer credits are granted to the citizens  18 years old. When coming to the PayPost outlet, all you need is a valid passport or identity card.

It pays to be loyal to Mokilizingas. Special interest discounts are offered to regular customers and the ones who make payments on time.