SB lizingas

"Pinigai dabar!" (Money at instant) is a consumer credit service offered by “SB lizingas“ and which can be also used at the post offices of Lithuania and „PayPost“ outlets. Consumer credits may be granted in cash or making a bank transfer to your bank account with any bank operating in Lithuania.

After signing a consumer credit agreement, you may receive an amount of 70 – 3000 EUR in cash or have 70 – 6 000 EUR transferred to your bank account. You may conclude the agreement for a period of 4 years. Should you decide to repay all installments in advance, you will not be charged!

If you wish to use the service provided by “SB lizingas“, all you need is to have your valid ID. You will instantly find out whether a consumer credit will be granted to you. After signing the agreement, the money will be paid out in cash within several minutes!

More detailed information on terms and conditions of consumer credits and respective charges will be provided at a post office or „PayPost“ outlets.

Note: The company “SB lizingas” holds the right to request additional documents.