E-payment system

Why to use the e-payment system?

The Lithuania Post electronic payment system grants more favorable conditions and tariffs for various financial transactions conducted via the Internet. Having a Lithuania Post account with just a few button clicks you can:
  • check your account balance,
  • view and print necessary statements,
  • perform money transfers in euros to Lithuanian and other European banks,
  • submit requests to receive e-invoices, conclude agreements for automatic e-invoices payments, and many other actions
  • For your convenience, the Lithuania Post e-payment system is also available via the Android and iOS mobile applications.

How to access the e-payment system?

Come to the nearest “PayPost” terminal and sign the Lithuania Post payment account contract. Bring with yourself:
  • an identity document: a passport of a citizen of the Republic of Lithuania or an ID card (in case you are a private client);
  • an identity document and necessary documents to identify the legal entity (in case you are a business client).

Having an account at Lithuania Post you can access the e-payment system with the mobile electronic signature, or the resulting code received via a short message (SMS). The opening of a payment account and using the e-payment system is free of charge.

Who can purchase the mobile electronic signature and where to do it?

The mobile electronic signature (m-signature) may be purchased by adult mobile operators subscribers (the m-signature is not issued to prepaid services users) in any shop of your mobile operator.

What should I do if I cannot connect to the e-payment system?

Being unable to connect to the e-payment system with the mobile signature, please request your operator if the functioning of mobile signature has been disturbed. In the absence of disturbances please contact the Lithuanian Post information tel: 55 400 8 700.
If your account in the e-payment system was blocked after 3 times incorrectly entering login data, you will need to arrive at a "PayPost" terminal with your identity document, to unblock your connection to the e-payment system.

What is a SEPA payment order?

SEPA is a Single Euro Payments Area. This means that performing a payment order in euros the same rules apply performing payment orders in both Lithuania and the other SEPA countries. SEPA area consists of all the EU Member States, also, Iceland, Lichtenstein, the Principality of Monaco, Norway and Switzerland.
SEPA payment orders are made:
  • the same business day if the payer and the payee's accounts are at Lithuania Post;
  • the same company's business day if a standard payment order is submitted on a business day before 4 pm;
  • next business day if a standard payment order is submitted after 4 pm.

How to stop an ongoing payment order in the e-payment system?

Completed and ongoing payment orders status can be verified in the "Payment Review" section of the e-payment system. If a payment status is "signed", "partially signed”, “not signed" or "ongoing", such payment can just be deleted or rejected, and it will not be performed.

How to subscribe/unsubscribe to e-invoices?

In order to receive e-invoices you must have a payment account at Lithuania Post which can be opened at any “PayPost” terminal. Subscription to receiving e-invoices can be performed at any “PayPost” terminal, post office or via the e-payment system.
Moreover, you can unsubscribe to receiving e-invoices or automated payment of e-invoices. Once you have renounced the automated payment of e-invoices, you will continue to get new e-invoices and you will be able to pay them using an ordinary payment order.

How to make e-invoices payment?

E-invoices can be paid in an automated way or with an ordinary payment order. Automated payment order to an account of the service provider is free of charge. Performing the ordinary payment order it will be subject to the standard payment order rate.
Paying an e-invoice by payment order, you can choose a convenient time for yourself. Concluding the automated payment agreement you will be able to choose one of the three e-invoice payment term options:
  • two days after the submission date of the e-invoice,
  • a day dated in the e-invoice (the last day of the payment term),
  • Two days before the day dated in the e-invoice (the last day of the payment term).

By concluding the e-invoice automated payment agreement you will also have the option to set a maximum amount of transfer, i.e., the monthly limit, beyond which invoices will not be paid automatically.

What should I do if my automated payment did not happen because in the account there was not a sufficient amount of money?

With the purpose of the automated payment of e-invoices, the company checks your account on your chosen e-invoice payment day. If in the account there is not enough funds to pay your e-invoice, your account will be checked for the following three calendar days, if you chose in this way while concluding the agreement of the automated payment of e-invoices. In case you do not supplement your account with the necessary amount of money during that period, the e-invoice will remain unpaid. Afterward you will be able to make a payment for this invoice via the ordinary payment order.

What should you do if you do not receive the subscribed e-invoices?

If you applied to receive e-invoices, but you have not received any e-invoice, please contact directly the service provider.