The service of sending and receiving facsimiles is a fast and reliable data transmission by fax, hand-over or delivery by post.

  • We send facsimiles to the addressees’ fax machines in Lithuania and abroad.
  • We send facsimiles to the addressees in Lithuania who don’t have a fax machine to their nearest post office or to the fax machine of the post office they select.
  • We promptly inform the addressees by phone about received facsimiles.
  • On request of addressees received facsimiles can either be collected in the post office or delivered to specified addresses.
Important to know:
  • A facsimile to be handed or delivered to the addressee must contain the addressee’s details (full name, telephone number and address) specified by the sender.
  • Senders are charged for sending a facsimile, and addressees are charged for the handing or delivery of the facsimile at the facsimile sending and delivery tariffs established by AB Lietuvos paštas.

Postal facsimile is an operative way for transmitting the necessary information. It is especially convenient when the received facsimile is delivered to your house by the postman.

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