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All access points of AB Lietuvos paštas sell different philatelic products – postage stamps, first day sheets, thematic folders of stamps, books, and etc. Each year AB Lietuvos paštas puts about 25 postage stamps into circulation.

Pursuant to the Postal Law of the Republic of Lithuania AB Lietuvos paštas, as the provider of universal postal services, has the right to issue and withdraw from circulation the means of postal prepayment. Postage stamps are issued having regard to the most important events of the next year, anniversaries, social and political events, proposals of institutions, organisations or individuals.

  • One-stop-shop offering of all philatelic products.
  • Order philatelic products in advance. If you become a subscriber, you’ll be the first to personally receive all news about new products that have been issued.
  • You can pay for your philatelic product orders by bank transfer or money order.

I have been engaging in philately for almost two decades. I collect different postage stamps and am happy to be a subscriber to Lithuania Post, because now I am provided with operative information which is important and relevant to me. Now I always know when and what new stamp is going to see daylight.

Vytautas (56) from Telšiai