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Based on the estimations of Lithuania Post’s subsidiary company Baltic Post, managing the LP EXPRESS brand, the number of items delivered within the first two weeks of October is same as that during September. The greatest impact on the growing number of items is made by e-trade.

Director of Baltic Post Domas Sabaitis said:

“E-trade is spreading rapidly in Lithuania. More and more online shops start activities. At present, we cooperate with more than 200 online shops, and LP EXPRESS couriers deliver items both domestically and to other countries. Since the beginning of our activities, every month the number of items increases by 2-3 times.”

According to D. Sabaitis, the new delivery option, mainly the self-service parcel terminals LP EXPRESS 24, haves an impact on the number of items. The majority of items purchased from online sellers are delivered via these terminals.

Erika Paulauskė, the founder of the portal, said that the visitors of the portal have already discovered the advantages of the terminals. E. Paulauskė said, “In our portal, we have integrated the LP EXPRESS 24 items registration system enabling the members of to have their items sent at any time. It is also convenient for the buyers who receive their goods in a short time. In the opinion of the members, the service is needful, convenient, competitive, and reliable.”

One of the most significant advantages of LP EXPRESS 24 is that the terminals are operational 24/7. Residents and businesses can use the service at any time convenient to them.

When using the terminals, neither the sender nor the addressee must keep to the business hours of post offices or couriers, and there is no need for calling to agree on collection of the item. It is not only convenient; it also enables to save time and money.

One more advantage is the price. It depends upon the size, not weight. LP EXPRESS 24 terminals can be used for sending items not only within Lithuania, but to other countries as well. At present, items via the terminals can be sent to 22 European countries.

UAB Baltic Post is a subsidiary company of Lithuania Post providing items delivery service. Baltic Post carries its activities under the brand name LP EXPRESS. The company also runs the self-service parcel terminals LP EXPRESS 24.

The United States Postal Service informs that as a result of Hurricane Sandy the postal service is experiencing transportation and operational delays. Therefore, mail deliveries may be performed with delays in some states, and there may be disruptions with the track and trace system.

Lithuania Post wishes to inform its customers that on Thursday, 1 November, only the below listed post offices will be open. All other post offices will be closed.

The post offices that will be operational on 1 November:

1.      Vilnius 3rd Post Office (shopping centre Pupa, Priegliaus g. 1) from 10.00 until 18.00;

2.      Vilnius 4th Post Office (shopping centre Panorama, Saltoniškių g. 9) from 8.00 until 22.00;

3.      Vilnius 11th Post Office (shopping centre Akropolis, Ozo g. 25) from 10.00 until 22.00;

4.      Vilnius 26th Post Office (shopping centre Norfa, L. Zamenhofo g. 3) from 10.00 until 16.00;

5.      Vilnius 29th Post Office (shopping centre Mandarinas, Ateities g. 91) from 8.00 until 16.00;

6.      Vilnius 51st Post Office (shopping centre Minskas IKI, Žirmūnų g. 2) from 10.00 until 18.00;

7.      1st sub-office of Vilnius 56th  Post Office (shopping centre Mada, Viršuliškių g. 40) from 9.00 until 17.00;

8.      Kaunas 39th Post Office (shopping centre Mega, Islandijos pl. 32) from 10.00 until 22.00;

9.      Klaipėda 2nd Post Office (shopping centre Akropolis, Taikos pr. 61) from 10.00 until 21.00;

10.  Klaipėda 8th Post Office (shopping centre Studlendas, H. Manto g. 84) from 10.00 until 18.00;

11.  Šiauliai 15th Post Office (shopping centre Saulės miestas, Tilžės g. 109) from 08.00 until 19.00;

12.  Šiauliai 16th Post Office (shopping centre Akropolis, Aido g. 8) from 10.00 until 21.00;

13.  1st sub-office of Alytus Main Post Office (shopping centre Arena, Ūdrijos g. 1/Naujoji g. 7E) from 09.00 until 16.15.

This week one more stamp and a souvenir sheet featuring railway bridges will supplement the stamp collection. The new stamps will be released this Thursday, on October 25.

The stamp under the title Geležinkelių tiltai (Railway Bridges) featuring the Lyduvėnai Raiway Bridge, the longest and the highest bridge in Lithuania, will be released in the edition of 100 thousand copies. The nominal value of the stamp is LTL 8. The stamp has been created by the designer Valdonė Bručienė.

On Thursday, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania will release a joint souvenir sheet named Baltijos geležinkelio tiltai (The Baltic Railway Bridges). The souvenir sheet depicts the three railway bridges: The Lyduvėnai Bridge in Lithuania, the Carnikavu Bridge in Latvia, and the Narva Bridge (the latter both in use) in Estonia.

The nominal value of each stamp is LTL 4. The edition of the souvenir sheet is 30 thousand copies. The souvenir sheet jointly issued by the three Baltic States has been created by the Estonian artist Indrek Ilves.

The first joint stamp was released by the Baltic States on 20 April 1995. It was dedicated to the Via Baltica Road.

On October 25 (Thursday) from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. in Lyduvėnai the stamp Lyduvėnų geležinkelio tiltas (The Lyduvėnai Railway Bridge) and the souvenir sheet Baltijos geležinkelio tiltai (The Baltic Railway Bridges) will be cancelled by the first date cancellation. Along with the stamps, the first day covers and sheets will be released.

In the course of a year, Lithuania Post issues 25-30 postage stamps. The company also provides courier, logistic, and financial intermediation services.

This Saturday, on October 20, Lithuania Post will release a new stamp dedicated to the founder of experimental diabetology Oskar Minkowski. The experiments conducted by this world famous physician gave basis for discovery and synthesis of insulin.

Oskar Minkowski (born 13 January 1858 in Kaunas – died 18 June 1931 in Fürstenberg) is a world famous physician and clinical scientist.

In 1867, he was enrolled into a primary school in Kaunas. The school has remained in this building until today. The street where Oskar Minkowski had used to live was named after two brothers Oskar and Hermann Minkowski (Hermann Minkowski was a famous mathematician and the teacher of Albert Einstein).

In 1872, his family moved to Königsberg, later he undertook studies in Strasbourg and Freiburg.  In the year 1888, he settled in Strasbourg and started experiments with dogs. A year later, in the course of the experiments conducted together with Freiherr von Mehring, it was discovered that if the pancreas was removed from a dog, the animal got diabetes. These works performed by Oskar Minkowski enabled to establish the links between the pancreas and diabetes.This gave basis for the discovery and synthesis of insulin.

Since 1922, patients suffering from diabetes have been given insulin therapy that has saved millions of lives. In 2012, the insulin therapy will celebrate its 90th anniversary.

The stamp under the title Oskaras Minkovskis – eksperimentinės diabetologijos pradininkas (Oskar Minkowski – the Founder of Experimental Diabetology) will be released in the edition of 100 000 copies. The nominal value is LTL 1,35. The stamp has been designed by the artist Vaclovas Butrimas.

Along with the stamp, the first day cover and sheet will be released. This Saturday in Kaunas Main Post Office all postal correspondence items paid the new stamp will be marked by the first day cancellation.

On average, Lithuania Post releases 25-30 stamps per year. Lithuania Post also provides courier, logistic and financial intermediation services.

Celebrating the World Post Day, all children worldwide are invited to participate in the 42nd letter-writing competition. The theme of this year is “Write someone a letter explaining why water is a precious resource”.

Head of Marketing and Communication Department of Lithuania Post Rasa Kruopaitė-Lalienė said:

“Every year on the occasion of the World Post Day children of the world are invited to write letters on various topics. This competition will be arranged in Lithuania for the 18th time. The competition aims both at encouraging children to show interest in present-day issues and write traditional letters”.

The letter writing competition undergoes two stages. The first stage at the national level is organized in Lithuanian schools. Out of all entries submitted, a special commission selects the best 6 essays. The authors of the best letters are awarded prizes and certificates of merit.

The letter of the first place winner is translated into the French language and submitted for the International Bureau of the Universal Postal Union for assessment in the second stage.

More detailed information is available at and

The international letter writing competition was launched in 1971. It is organized by the International Bureau of the Universal Postal Union in cooperation with UNESCO. In Lithuania, the competition is organized by AB Lietuvos paštas together with Lithuanian Non-Formal Education Centre. The competition is supported by the Ministries of Communications and Transport and Science and Education.

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Lithuanian national currency system re-established in 1992, a new stamp will be released. The new stamp will appear in circulation on Saturday, September 29.

The stamp 20th Anniversary of Restoration of Lithuanian Monetary Systemfeatures Lithuanian currency – the talonas notes. The new stamp will be issued in the edition of 100 thousand copies with a nominal value of LTL 2. The stamp was created by the artist Dorota Gasiūnaitė.

Along with the stamp, the first day cover and sheet will be released. On Saturday all postal correspondence paid by the new stamp will be cancelled by the first day cancellation in Vilnius Main Post Office.

The talonas notes were used as a provisional payment means during the first year of independence (restored in 1990). The talonas notes were put into circulation on 5 August 1991. Firstly they circulated along with Russian roubles. For payment, one had to give the same amounts in roubles and talonas. On 1 October 1992, the talonas notes were declared to be the only legal payment means in Lithuania. Thus Lithuania left the rouble zone.

The talonas notes issued in 1991 feature animals found in Lithuania: lizard, heron, goshawk, marten, lynx, moose, and aurochs. The talonas notes issued in 1992 were smaller in size and featured other representatives of fauna: lapwing, thrush in the nest, blackcock,otter, deer, and bear. In 1993, the new versions of the talonas were issued: the note with the value of 200 talonas featured the deer, and the one with value of 500 depicted two wolves.

With introduction of the currency litas in 1993 on June 25, the provisional currency was exchanged into litas at the rate 100:1. The circulation of the talonas notes ceased on 20 July 1993.

In the course of a year, Lithuania Post issues 25-30 postage stamps. The company also provides courier, logistic, and financial intermediation services.

On September 22, Saturday, a new stamp dedicated to the 80th birth anniversary of President Algirdas Mykolas Brazauskas will be released.

The stamp dedicated to one of the most outstanding political figures has been created by the artist Vaclovas Butrimas. The stamp will be issued in the edition of 100 000 copies with the nominal value of LTL 1.35.

Along with the new stamp, the first day cover and a souvenir sheet will be issued. On Saturday in Vilnius Mail Post Office all postal correspondence paid by the new stamp will be cancelled with the first day cancellation.

Algirdas Mykolas Brazauskas is the first President elected in Lithuania after the restoration of independence, Prime Minister of the 12th and 13th Governments, political figure, Signatory to the Act of Independence of March 11. He was born on 22 September 1932 in Rokiškis.

In 1956, A. Brazauskas graduated from the Kaunas Polytechnic Institute obtaining the speciality of an engineer in hydrotechnology. He started his career at Kaunas Hydroelectric Power Plant in the position of an engineer. Later on, he became the Director of Construction at the Kaunas Reinforced Concrete Construction Plant. The future president climbed the career ladder and at the age of 33 he was assigned to the post of the LCP CC Minister of the Building Materials Industry. A year later, he became the First Deputy Chairman of the State Planning Committee. In 1974, A. Brazauskas received his Doctor’s degree in Economics. On February 14, 1993, Algirdas Mykolas Brazauskas was directly elected President of the Republic of Lithuania for a term of five years.

In May of 2009, A. Brazauskas revealed to the public that he had been diagnosed as having lymphatic cancer because of which he had underwent four operations. In January 2010, his condition became critical because of disease complications. The President died on the 26th of June 2010.

On average, Lithuania Post issues 25-30 stamps in the course of a year. Lithuania Post also provides courier, logistic, and financial intermediation services.

A large team of Lithuania Post will join participants of Danske Bank Vilnius Marathon to be held on Sunday, September 9. More than fifty postal employees have registered for various marathon distances.

“Tens of kilometres are daily covered by a large part of our employees; therefore, it is not surprising that many of them have decided to test themselves not only in walking, but also in running. The runners will defend the honour of Lithuania Post in all distances – full marathon, half marathon, quarter marathon, and even in the race of baby strollers,” Rasa Kruopaitė-Lalienė, Head of Lithuania Post‘s Marketing and Communication Department, said.

Dressed in bright yellow T-shirts, Lithuania Post‘s team will consist of postmen, customer service specialists, managers, heads of post offices, financial specialists, and others.

One of the distances, namely the team relay race, has been named after Lithuania Post. The team of four runners will run the distance of 10,549 each. According to R. Kruopaitė-Lalienė, Lithuania Post has prepared special surprises for the winners of this race.

Spectators of the event will also receive various presents from Lithuania Post. Both participants and spectators are invited to visit Lithuania Post‘s pavilion on Sunday and send their friends and relatives postcards made for this occasion. Lithuania Post‘s pavilion will be set up at Vilnius Main Post Office.

The Public Limited Company Lietuvos paštas runs the widest network of access points in Lithuania. Lithuania Post also provides logistic, financial intermediation, and electronic services.

The Vilnius Main Post Office is hosting the fifth philatelic exhibition this year. This time, the collection of souvenir envelopes has been presented by the artist Antanas Rimantas Šakalys.

“Postal souvenir envelopes, stamps, and labels that reach the most remote countries may be called small ambassadors representing the Lithuanian nation and demonstrating the country’s achievements. This exhibition is full of national ideology – it presents Lithuanian achievements in the areas of science, art, sport, and warfare,” the author of the exhibition Mr  Šakalys said.

All in all, the exhibition shows almost 500 souvenir envelopes created by the artist. The envelopes reveal such topics as Lithuanian History in the Artist‘s Works, A Hundred People Honoured for the Merits to Lithuania through the Eyes of the Artist, Vilnius Following the Book of Vladas Drėma Dingęs Vilnius (Lost Vilnius), Kaunas, the Capital of Interwar Lithuania.

Mr Šakalys is a wide-range artist. He is the author of graphic works, book illustrations, paintings, exlibrises, designs, plates, and the works of souvenir philately.

The author was born on 1 October 1938 in Pakačinai village in the area of Dusetos. He has graduated from Kaunas School of Applied Art. After service in the Soviet army, he entered the Vilnius Art Institute; however, he has changed his mind after two courses and left to Moscow for studies in the Institute of Cinematography. Then he returned to Vilnius. For some time he gave drawing lessons at Vilnius Engineering Institute and taught the backgrounds of cinema and television art at the Art Institute. In 1974, he was admitted to the Lithuanian Artists’ Association.

The exhibition will be open until 29 September.

The Public Limited Company Lietuvos paštas runs the widest network of access points in the country. Lithuania Post provides postal, logistic, and financial intermediation services.