International express mail service

International express mail is a service of delivery of postal items both to the European Union Member States and to other destinations worldwide. Items are delivered by couriers to the addressees in person. International express mail items are delivered within the shortest possible time.
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  • Send an express mail item from any urban or rural post office.
  • International express mail delivers postal items to 82 countries.
  • Ordering a courier is free of charge.
  • At the sender’s request a courier may come to collect the item at the designated address.
Important to know:
  • For letter-post items, envelopes (or any other durable packaging) made of crushproof paper or other durable material with or without a soft protective layer are used. An envelope (or any other packaging) should be sealed in a manner which guarantees adequate protection of the contents of the envelope. 
  • For parcels, cardboard, wooden, metal or plywood boxes, bags of cloth or packages of other durable materials may be used. 
  • Items placed in cardboard boxes or paper wrappers shall be reinforced with adhesive tape so that the flaps and bending edges are completely stuck down.
  • Articles of glass or other fragile objects shall be packed in a strong box filled with an appropriate protective material. Any friction or pounding during transport either between the objects themselves or between the objects and the sides of the box shall be prevented. 
  • Fatty substances, which may turn to liquid, such as oils, soft soap, resins, etc. (including silk-worm eggs the transportation whereof causes less inconvenience), shall be placed in waterproof bags, which are subsequently placed in wooden, metal, cardboard, or such other boxes. 
Mailing details:

“We maintain cooperation with companies from the Baltic States and often have to send different goods by post. Recently we tried the “International Express Mail” service and were very satisfied with it. Our business partners in Latvia received the mail we sent them on the next day”.

Gediminas (34) from Vilnius